The plan.

Welcome to Wander & Co. As you may have read by now, Wander & Co. is a social cause retail shop. Our aim is to connect consumers with products that do more to give back. Every single product we offer has a direct social cause benefit. Whether it's sunglasses that provide the gift of sight, or a candle that provides a year of water to someone in need....everything we do has a purpose. 

What I want to do with this first (of many) blog posts is explain a bit more about the master plan for the next few months. As you can see, our online store is up and running. We are open for business, and all of our products are in-stock and ready to be shipped at a moments notice. Don't hesitate to place an order. The online store opening is part 1 of our launch plan. 

Part 2 of the plan is the mobile retail store. This is the "wander" of Wander & Co. The mobile retail store will traverse the country, bringing the wonderful products that can be found online to gatherings of like minded people all over the US. The idea is to renovate a vintage travel trailer to become a roaming boutique, but we will need the help of the community to make this happen. This October, keep your eyes open for ways to get involved to help launch the mobile store. Until then, tell your friends, like us on Facebook to keep up with our latest news, and remember to keep moving.



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