Collection: Save Wander & Co.

The time has come to ask for help.

We've done everything in our power these last few months to keep the lights on. Unfortunately, just as is the case for tens of thousands of small businesses around the country, it's looking increasingly likely that it may not be enough. COVID has hit us with a blow that wiped away all of the financial progress we've made since 2014 when we first started out on this adventure, and our light at the end of the tunnel is getting smaller and smaller.

So we're turning to the people who have made these last 6 years of our dream possible; our customers. We are offering two new products that are specifically being designed for us to keep the lights on until the music starts playing again. One is a reenvisioning of our Be Excellent To Each Other in a retro ringer tee. The other is our Wander & Co. classic logo hoodie. Both of these products are now available for pre-order, and will be shipped by March 15.

If we can sell 500 of these products, Wander & Co. is going to live to fight another day. It will keep our heads above water until we can be back out on the road, doing all the things we love, with people we love, for causes we love.

So here we are, humbly asking for your help keeping the dream alive. Please consider making a purchase, please share with those who might enjoy, and please continue to be excellent to each other.

-Drew, Wander & Co.

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